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We offer Technology, Manufacturing Assistance and Machinery for the following products manufacturing

  • FRP Industry Compounds (Polyester Resins, PVA Release Agents, Catalysts, Promoter & Colour Pastes)

  • Tile & Pavers Products ( Top Coat, Various Super Plasticizers, Water Proofing Powders, Rabakleen, Release Agents, Refresh Coatings)

  • Epoxy Resin Industry Products (Basic Epoxy Resin, Hardners, Formulations For Transformer Industry, Coating Industry, Insulation Industry, Epoxy Putty)

  • Construction Indusrty Compounds (Foam Concrete Products, Block & Wall Panels, Fillers For Sunken Areas)

  • Solar Care Tiles

  • Rubber Moulds

  • Special Cleaning Products

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